Welcome to the Deeper Man Study Group

This study group is a men's group focused on personal and spiritual development.  It is primarily based in Israel for in-person meetings, but our online events are available to anyone with an Internet connection. We draw material, exercises and understanding from all of the traditions on the planet, including spiritual, religious and scientific approaches, but with a special focus on what is called "The Fourth Way" as taught by G. I. Gurdjieff.  Our 'lineage' comes primarily through one of Gurdjieff's pupils, John G. Bennett.

The overall aim is to understand what it means to be a man in this day and age.  More specifically we are working toward developing the capacity for a direct connection to and between the physical world, the world of being, and the world of will.  (See diagram below)

This is a new group, started in January of 2013, which meets every two to three weeks in the northern Israel moshav of Bet Lehem Haglilit just east of Haifa. The presentation is in English with occasional translation into Hebrew. Participants range in age from late 20's to early 50's and have a variety of experiences with personal and spiritual development. Although we study various 'intellectual' systems, the focus is on the effective day to day and even moment to moment application of the ideas, methods and exercises to the whole of our lives.

For more information or enquiries about participation please send an email to john@jrhmail.com. Please note that while we will be making an in-depth study of human psychology this is not a therapy group.  Participants are assumed to be stable, functional men in the world who have already seen that there is the possibility of moving beyond ordinary, mechanical lives into a deeper reality.

The name for this group, and much of the material that we will be studying comes from a book by John G. Bennett, edited by Anthony Blake, called "Deeper Man".  This book is a rare combination of concise summaries which still convey, both in breadth and depth, the essence man's nature, his psychology, his spiritual possibilities, the larger (even cosmic) world(s) that we live in, and much more. We are indebted to John Bennett's lifetime of search and efforts along with Anthony Blake's editorial skills and mastery of this material to have such a valuable resource.

Consider making your own contribution, both to yourself, to others and to the future, by joining us in this madcap adventure.